From Baltimore's "Afro-American Ledger" April 16, 1927:

From Cabaret To A Record Artist At 28

D.C. High School Boy Now Has Own Orchestra In New York

From a remote Washington Cabaret to Broadway is the story of the remarkable rise of Duke Ellington, local boy, now one of the feature artists of the Brunswick Phonograph Co., and the leader of his own orchestra in one of the New York Black and Tan Cabarets.

Ellington, who is only 28 years old, is a graduate from Armstrong High School, where he got his first musical training under Henry L. Grant.

Among Ellington's musical selections on the market and being published by Jack Mills, New York, are "East St. Lois Toddle," "Birmingham Breakdown," "A Black and Tan Fantasy" and the "Down Home Stomp."

(Down Home Stomp is new to me, could it have been an alternative title for The Creeper?)

Arne Neegaard