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Teaching about Duke Ellington and His Music

Louis Tavecchio wrote "To enhance the user-friendliness and accessibility of your site for teachers and students of Ellington's music, why not rearrange all the didactic, instructional, and course material, teaching plans, etc. into a separate section or heading?" This section attempts to do so, based on Mr. Tavecchio's recommendations, because I think it's a good idea. Many of these links are duplicated elsewhere on this site.

  • Visualizing Jazz Scenes of the Harlem Renaissance
    TeacherVision lesson plan built on Take the A Train, It Don't Mean A Thing,and Drop Me Off in Harlem
      - added/modified 20060527

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  • Reader's Theater Scripts
    Jordan School District in Utah has webpublished this short script which I would describe as a book review, of sorts, of DUKE ELLINGTON BY ANDREA DAVIS PINKNEY.
      - added/modified 20060223

  • Cobblestone & Cricket: Duke Ellington
  • Teacher's Guide for Cobblestone - introductory page to a learning plan, I think.
     - added/modified 20060808

  • Learning through The Duke
    Teachervision.com elementary school lesson centered on Duke
      - added/modified 20060403

  • Group school assignment
    Cleveland State University assignment created by Tandeka Campbell, Chantelle C. Lewis, and Melanie Riddick to produce a video on Ellington
      - added/modified 20060402

  • Jazz History Weekly
    Professor José Bowen's listening guide to Ellington's music - Basic Listening; Basic Reading; Study and Further Listening; Further Reading; Ellington "Styles"; Ellington's Principal Sidemen
     added/modified 20060116

  • Duke Ellington and His Sidemen
    Dr. David Wilken's 17-slide Powerpoint presentation of lecture notes, with some very good photos as well.
    added/modified 20051225

  • Darien Meets Duke Ellington
    "The Darien Public Schools Music Department is currently engaged in a project that will introduce Duke Ellington, to all of the students in the district...We are not familiar with any models of this concept on a K-12 scale and we will be pioneering and piloting some of the ideas..."
    - added/modified 20051202

  • Spectrum Home and School Magazine biography
    Very brief biographical summary
    - added/modified 20050619

  • Duke Ellington in the Classroom - Black and Tan Fantasy
    Raoul Hernandez writes about the Austin Jazz Workshop and its appearance in Blackshear Elementary School.
    - added/modified 20050501

  • Swing Time - A classical pianist moves from Mozart to Mood Indigo
    by Janet Tassel
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050401

  • The Trumpet Kings of the Swing Era
    Incredible resource - Brief biographical notes, photos, transcribed solos, and playalong midi files for various trumpeters, including Roy ELDRIDGE, Shorty BAKER, Emmett BERRY, Clark TERRY, and Rex STEWART
    Contributed by Arne Neegard
    - added/modified 

  • Giving The Duke His Due Black Issues in Higher Education, by Ronald Roach
    Ellington's centennial inspired colleges and universities to convene tribute concerts and conferences devoted to Ellingtonia. Are these events a sign that "The Duke" and jazz in general have found a nurturing home in the academy?
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio
    - added/modified 20050308

  • Hamlet Comes to Harlem
    A WebQuest for 6th-8th Grades Fine Arts designed by Hermane Eiland: Your assignment, should you choose to accept it ...match 3 of Shakespeare's literary works to three of Ellington's musical works ...
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio
    - added/modified 20050312

  • Duke Ellington: Great American Musician and Composer Teacher Guide
    Smithsonian's Teacher Guide regarding Ellington
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050905

  • Smithsonian Jazz Class
    Teaching plan regarding Ellington
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050206

  • Celebrating 100 years...
    Collaboration by the Smithsonian and the American Music Educators National Conference - added/modified 20050204

  • Duke Ellington Youth Project
    National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution - added/modified 20050129

  • UCLA Today
    Professor Kenny Burrell re Ellington centennial
    Article by Mona Gable - added/modified 20050129

  • Joe "Tricky Sam Nanton" and
    his style (East Carolina School of Music)
    Amy Giammattei'ssite about Joe Nanton. The first link is the master page of the site, with links to sound, photos,etc.; the second discusses his style and his role in the band. Includes 2 transcribed solos.
    Contributed by Arne Neegaard - added/modified 20050205

  • Dr. Aaron Bell on Ken Burns Jazz
    What it was is any, every musician loved playing Duke’s music... Dr. Aaron Bell speaks about how Duke wrote music. Some insights into the man and Strayhorn as well
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050212

  • Msgr. John Sanders on Ken Burns Jazz
    I think Duke believed that he had this ability to convey something special. He believed in his knowledge of a harmony which he developed. A harmonic language his own... Monsignor John Sanders speaks about Duke's music.
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050212

  • The Unknown Ellington
    Michael Kilpatrick's page dedicated to unknown/untitled Ellington manuscripts, with sound clips - added/modified 20050130

  • Rehearsing the
    Great Circus Train Turnaround Blues

    David Palmquist's observations about the rehearsal transcribed in the booklet for the CD box set Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington, Côte d'Azur Concerts on Verve
    - added/modified 20050206

  • Smithsonian Institute - Ellington Collection Finding aids - added/modified 20050130

  • Jazz-Institut Darmstadt
    Duke Ellington Bibliography, 1923 - present
    - added/modified 20050219

  • Survey of Duke Ellington's Music
    Hans-Joachim Schmidt's compilation of links to books, essays, sites, records, CD's, tapes, etc., etc.
    - added/modified 20050129

  • Todd's Duke Ellington Page
    Todd Peach's page with lyrics to many Ellington songs. Includes many books of sheet music.
    - added/modified 20050206

  • JFK Center for the Performing Arts
    Understanding jazz, with reference to Ellington.
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050210

  • The Duke Ellington Bibliography
    Lee Farley : "The Jazz-Institut Darmstadt site lists books, essays, newspaper articles, short notices, and photographs in their extensive collection and is periodically updated."  Jørgen Mathiasen describes the Jazz-Institut Darmstadt as: "...an important jazz institution on this continent and its leader, Wolfram Knauer, is an expert on Ellington. The bibliography is a registration of ARTICLES in journals. There are 1400+ references..."
    - added/modified 20050131

  • ellington-music.co.uk (Michael Kilpatrick, Cambridge, England)
    Mr. Kilpatrick specializes in early and rare Ellington charts
    - added/modified 20050130

  • Essentially Ellington
    Professionally printed scores and parts for transcribed Ellington recordings - approximately 50 now, more every year, most transcribed by David Berger
    - added/modified 20050130

  • Essentially Ellington 2006 Press release  Details of May 2006 competition
    Contributed by Ken Steiner - 20060303

  • G. Schirmer, Inc. and Associated Music Publishers, Inc.
    Ellington arrangements for rent and sale .
    - added/modified 20050130

  • Sheet Music Online
    Piano books 141 Ellington titles, only a few duplicated
    - added/modified 20050130

  • Smithsonian Institution Research Information System)
    All Smithsonian Institution Archives Center collections are described in brief on SIRIS (Smithsonian Institution Research Information System), an on-line catalog shared by Smithsonian archival units, Smithsonian Institution Libraries, and some specialized research projects. This catalog is a powerful tool which permits searches by name, subject, and keyword.
    Contributed by AndrewHomzy, Montréal - added/modified 20050209

  • Message to teachers Lesson plans from The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: The lessons in this guide are aimed at students in middle-school grades. The lessons will be easiest to implement in general music classes, but also can be useful for teachers of ensemble classes for teaching to the (US) National Standards ... four interactive lessons and one listening lesson..."
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050227

  • Wynton Marsalis
    The Marsalis Recommended Recipe for Daily Practice (1987)
    - added/modified 20050317

  • Essentially Ellington: Teaching the Music
    Jazz at Lincoln Center and Essentially Ellington offers a wide variety of services and activities for jazz band directors:Band Director Academy; Classroom Suggestions;In-School Workshops...
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050217

  • The Prince of Jazz
    Duke Ellington, Lesson 1 By: Keata Lawrence. Lesson plan: Students will learn about Jazz, introduced through Ellington.
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio
    - added/modified 20050306

  • Learning through The Duke
    Heidi Lang, Falls Church, Va. resource teacher - gifted resource program. Winner of 1996 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award from the Washington Post & nominated for Disney Creative Teaching Award. In 3 short lessons, students will learn about the important contributions made by Duke Ellington to the field of jazz, and some of the factors that led to his involvement in the field. As the students explore the language of the 1920s, connections will be drawn...
    Contributed by Louis Tavecchio - added/modified 20050306 <

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