If the text of

Ellington on the Web

is too small, lowering your screen resolution will enlarge the fonts on the screen.   In Windows 98 or later versions of Windows, you can adjust the screen resolution with the Settings tab of the Display section of your Control Panel, found in the Start/Settings menu at the bottom left corner of your screen. However, there are better solutions for most browsers:

Other solutions:
  1. If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can open the View menu at the top of your screen, select Text Size, and pick Increase.   A shortcut is to place your cursor in one of the windows, then press Control and  + (the plus sign)

  2. With newer versions of Internet Explorer, click on the Zoom Level field in the bottom right corner of your screen to change the size. If you have a wheel mouse, it's even easier to just click in the display area, press Control while moving the wheel up or down. If you have a really old version of IE, use the popdown View menu, select Text Size, and choose a larger size than you're using.   IE also has an icon to access the Text Size choices with a single click. Add it to your toolbar with View/Toolbars/Customize.

  3. In Internet Explorer, if you have a wheel mouse, you can just click in the main window of the webpage, and while holding down the Control key on your keyboard, move the mouse wheel.

  4. Mac users can press the Command (Apple) key together with the + (the plus sign)to increase the size, and the Command (Apple) key with the - minus sign to reduce the size again.

More tips, covering several browsers and operating systems, can be found at the Oakland School website.